Daddy & His Princess

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Alhana,

Friday Mommy was cleaning the house, and i looked out the window and saw a little bird on the ledge looking in. i went to the kitchen to put dishes in the sink and to see what your brother was doing. When i came back into the dining room, the bird was still there. i went to get the camera to take a picture and the bateries were dead, so i reached for the cell phone, by the time i got to the camera and was about to take the picture, the bird  flew away. i know it was you coming to visit, i wish you stayed long enough so mommy could of gotten the picture to show daddy.

I also know Saturday night you were at work with me, letting me know you were there. i was thinking of you and "Never Gonna Be Alone" by Nickleback came on. you know i think of you when i hear that song. Daddy and i still have all of your clothes hanging up in our closet between our cloths, and your bassinet is still in our room waiting for you. The basket underneath it, is filled with your little hats, socks, head bands, and bath stuff. inside lays the teddy bear blanket rattle we bought for you, and the blanket i made for you. When we had you we swaddled you in it until we left the hospital. While you were snugly warm in you special blanket you started to bleed and got blood on it, that is okay it just means more to us now. Daddy and i are looking for a shadow box to put your blanket in.

Thursday Matty and i made something in memory of you. i will take a picture and put it on here for you to see. Matty was so proud, and Daddy loved it. we are going to hand it in the living room next to the picture frame of your foot prints

.I am sure you know that Grandma Deanne passed away Thursday night. She is in Heaven with you now. I know you are being well taken care of by Grandma Mary Jean (Daddy's  Mom), that is where we got your middle name from. Alhana, you are our beautiful, special Angel and we love and miss you more then you know babygirl. Thank you for watching over us, although you are too young and should not have to be doing this.Thank you for giving Mommy sighn's that you are here with us. We love you.

Love, Forever Mommy, Daddy & Matty

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