Daddy & His Princess

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Alhana,

Good morning my sweet love.  Sunday before Mommy went to work I stopped at the store, to see if the had the zip up pencil cases, because my zipper broke on mine and i need a new one for work, but of course they did not have what i needed.  

how ever i came across a little picture type frame with butterflies and gem flowers on it. i thought of you when i saw it, so i picked it up for you. this is what it reads:

you're such a special Daughter
you mean the world to me,
The day you first
lay in my arms
you made my life complete.
i will always love you
for  forever and a day.
you're the meaning
in my life
and precious you
will stay. 

I know you know how much you mean to Daddy, Matty & I. i also know that you know NOTHING will EVER replace you. Alhana, you are always going to be Daddy's little princess. Daddy and i were talking yesterday and he started crying because he loves and misses you so much. you were his little girl and ALWAYS will be. you hold a very special place in our hearts.

Love, Always & For Eternity
Mommy, Daddy & Matty

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