Daddy & His Princess

Sunday, June 19, 2011

So Many Things have happened over the last couple of weeks. the biggest thing was i was 3 days late for my period,so i took a Pregnancy test last week, and it came back positive. My husband and i know it is too soon for this to happen. This was NOT  a planned pregnancy. The 25th of this month will be 4 months since Alhana died. My husband feels like this baby is going to take the place of our precious Alhana, and i keep telling myself and him that this baby  and no other baby will EVER take the place of Alhana. 

WE are so scared and are praying that this pregnancy will be successful this time around. We are having our first DR.'s appointment on the 27th and our first ultrasound that day as well.  This time around we are seeing a high risk Dr. 

This weird thing about this whole pregnancy is, a week before I found out i was pregnant, i was getting dressed and my 3 year old son Matthew Jr looked at me and said "Baby in belly Mommy" i laughed and said no sweetie, Mommy is just fat. He looked at me as to question my response. and a couple of nights later i had a dream that i was pregnant with twins, and did not know it. 

I believe this pregnancy is a blessing from our beautiful daughter.  Sometimes i find myself very emotional while watching TV shows. or reading certain story's. Being Pregnant again so soon is taking me for an emotional ride. It brings back memories of when i was pregnant with Alhana, and how excited we were, now i am nervous e and am being over cautious with everything i do. I know it was nothing i did that caused Alhana to die, but I don't want to take any chances. I don't want history to repeat it's self.

i will continue to pray that all goes well and that the baby and I will be okay.


  1. Big hugs and congratulations! All will be well. We found out we were pregnant with our Rainbow baby less than six months after our loss. He was most definitely unplanned, but he is now the shining light in our lives. I was terrified, apprehensive and all around not too thrilled, not to mention unready to face a new pregnancy. Hang in there, it will work out just fine. Congrats on your newest addition!! <3

  2. Thank you Dawn. I feel the same way. i am so scared, nervous, anxious (not in a good way). i am praying things go well. i will keep you posted. and thanks again.