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Thursday, August 18, 2011


 I decided to write as soon as I could before i forgot what i dreamt  about, but it's highly likely that i would because it is unexplainable.
 Last night i had a disturbing dream that i gave birth to Alhana, and again she was stillborn. In my dream we were in this room where we kept her with us. A day went by and i was holding Alhana in my arms and all of a sudden she started moving, opening her eye's, and yawning. My husband and i told the nurse and she thought we were crazy, until she saw this same thing herself. In my dream Alhana sat up and said she was hungry and wanted me to feed her. After that I woke up, I could not sleep anymore. I don't know how to explain the dreams i keep having of my baby girl. 'I'm not sure if this pregnancy has anything to do with these dream and what they mean. I am not sure if this dream is trying to tell me something or if my mind is playing tricks on me. And dreams like this, make me worry about this baby.

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  1. oh honey....make sure you take good care of yourself during this pregnancy. It's such a beautiful miracle. I'm sure this is all normal, having dreams, etc... and I feel for you are the strongest of the strong.